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OCR Text Production and Word Processing Level 3 Course (RSA III) 

This course is suitable for those who wish to train to the standard required for OCR (Oxford, Cambridge and the RSA) Level 3 in Word Processing and Text Production.  Once enrolled on the course we will supply you with comprehensive training materials and instructions as to how to proceed.  Sets of assessment papers will also be supplied for you to complete and return for marking by a fully qualified OCR marking co-ordinator.  Your marked work is returned to you with feedback and instructions as to how to proceed.  .  

Essential pre-requisites are:
1) A good level of English Grammar,
2) The ability to type at 50 to 55 words per minute,
3) The ability to use Microsoft Word (any version) to a high standard, including tables. 

Course Content:
The aim of the course is to assess your ability to produce a variety of complex and specialist business documents involving technical terminology from handwritten and typewritten drafts, and recalled text.  These will include multi-page letters, multi-page reports, two-column articles, notices for display, landscaped tables and memorandums.

You will also be required to display work to conform to directions given concerning style of presentation: line spacing, emphasis, insetting from the left-hand margin and centering over the typing line.  Also:

Inserting Footnotes.  Correcting unmarked spelling errors, errors of punctuation (including apostrophes) and errors of agreement.  Copying part of a previously stored document to a specified location within a separate document.  Paginating documents as instructed.  Changing Fonts and/or Typeface.  Creating tables with differing numbers of columns from information in a data sheet.  Presenting information as shown in draft, or as instructed.  Producing extra copies and indicating routing as instructed. 

For further information and the full list of the course contents - email the course tutor or telephone 0116 232 5166.

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